Pisces Woman And Libra Man

Match of Libra man and Pisces woman could either last long or just go up in smoke. Usually the beginning is great and it depends on the partners to take the relationship ahead. Both are highly passionate and romance will be in their veins that would be one reason for their compatibility.


On the other hand there are also great differences between the Libra man and Pisces woman that can hardly be ignored. Yet with sincere efforts there is great potential for harmonious relationship. If both Libra and Pisces can shelve a little of their respective attitudes, the relationship could bloom into a great one. 

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Charming and yet mysterious, Libra man is dreamy and constantly changing. Despite the fact that Libra man will weigh all the options available before him prior to taking any decision and his smile will always captivate anyone with charisma and sensitivity. Pisces woman is pensive, dreamy and extremely vulnerable because her sympathetic nature will often overtake her. It could be a friend or could be a stranger as well and that is why she might look meek and fragile to most people in the world who will seek to protect her.

However, at times too much reliance on justice will make Libra look stubborn as well as irritable because he will often allow debates to get to a fair and just conclusion. But her good quality is that she will stand behind her lover in good and bad times. Fact remains that both have their respective intelligence and they will be able to fall in love that won’t be one of the easiest of the tasks. Sexual intimacy between the two partners will create a romantic relationship that can either extinguish or flare up controversies. Displaying love and affection he will win over her and she will learn to trust him.

Sexually the two are highly compatible and it comes naturally to both with sexual expressions flowing naturally. It will be the best way of fulfilling the dreams of the duo and that makes it a relationship made in heaven. Others can only dream about. The expression of their sexuality together flows evenly. It may change with their moods but it is always something to relish and savor.Libra man has a way of changing his mind or ideas whenever he feels the need to do so.

This leaves the Pisces woman wondering if he is vicious and cold. Although he may appear to be, it is not at all the case. In fact, if Libra man knows he has hurt his Pisces woman, it will cause an ache within him that he will not be able to endure. If she’d have done things differently, perhaps questioned him a bit more instead of jumping to conclusions that this is how he is, then maybe she’d have been able to avoid such obstacles. If she’d have been more outspoken about her own problems, he’d have softened and been there for her. But as it goes, more obstacles will form between the two making their harmonious bond more unstable than before.

They’ll debate back and forth and as she listens for his apology and gets his silence instead it’ll tell her to be patient. And she will be. In this debate, Libra man will say something to weaken her further and she’ll end up turning away from it all. As long as Libra man and Pisces woman are fair with each other and are outspoken toward each other, the lines of communication will remain open thereby giving them a chance to grow a strong bond between them.



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